Various Artists – Ode To Delia [Compilation] [2014]

Various Artists – Ode To Delia [Compilation]
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01. Boost Phillis – A Pattern Emerges
02. Maloon TheBoom – Sinister Dance
03. Bluestaeb – Easy To Love/Hate Me Now
04. S. Fidelity – Cornern An Der Delaware
05. Melodiesinfonie – Galactic Wellness
06. MazeOne – Hypnotic
07. Robot Orchestra – Synthphony
08. Nomad – Moonery
09. Peet – The Rubberband-Train Trip
10. Shuffle Jack – Room 5
11. Ben Bada Boom – Tonic
12. Invention – Whskrz
13. KommerzKlaus – The Day Delias Nipples Turned Into Attack And Resonance Knobs
14. S.F.T – Loopphonics
15. Saint Rock – Beat Ecology
16. Sixfingerz – Certified Sinner
17. Cometeers – Arch Marshall
18. Dienst & Schulter – Future Nomads
19. LinkRust – Dr. Who’s Revenge
20. GHprodu – Good Thing
21. Radius x Keter Darker x Sev Seveer – Labyrinths

Various Artists – Ode To Delia

With “Ode To Delia” we intend pay tribute to Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. In addition to the sampling aspect, we wanted to incorporate the Radiophonic Workshop’s overall approach towards creating and manipulating sounds.

Created in the late 1950’s, the members Radiophonic workshop crafted beautiful futuristic sounds with the use of tape-recorders, by cutting up individual notes and manipulating the sounds in various ways. Thus, laying the foundation for rudimentary sampling techniques with very limited equipment. Without a doubt, the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop has had an enormous impact on modern electronic music in general. To worship their legacy and influence, we decided to dedicate the latest installment of our “Ode To…” series to Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.