Beat Tape

pjzero – City Portrait [Beat Tape] [2020]

pjzero – City Portrait [Beat Tape]
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01. intro (photography)
02. HP5
03. PuddlesPh
04. Bless90
05. AGFAPan100
06. SUBWAYart
07. E100GX
08. TatsuoX-E2
09. Inner City
11. Maier
12. City Portrait

pjzero – City Portrait

“A Beat Tape dedicated to all photographers in the world, to those who go out into the streets to tell, to those guys who try with all their might, to those girls who tell other people’s stories through photography, to those photographers who document every single part of their beatmaker friends, mc, writers, DJs.
I have chosen this theme for my passion for photography and I like to combine them together.
Create your way and describe it, make it known to everyone.