Beat Tape

John Morrison – Memorabilia [Beat Tape] [2020]

John Morrison – Memorabilia [Beat Tape]
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01. Memory Intro
02. Funky Doctor
03. The Sky’s No Limit At All
04. Fake Jax (Cloudburst Mix)
05. Guitars & Gear Skit
06. Brandy Be Down
07. HOW Dare YOU (Woo Hah)
08. Creepin’ With Thom & Tariq
09. 12 Funeral Books
10. In 1991, Pray For Rock, Baaaaby
11. God Is Great/Guard Ya’ Space
12. yeah, you CAN front on that
13. The Come Up (Blue & White mix)
14. Ride with the mob
15. My Man Flip
16. I’m 20….It’s A Blessing

John Morrison – Memorabilia

Also Available On: Memorabilia Cassette

On March 3rd, 2018, I was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms and a searing headache.

After nearly 2 weeks of intense hallucinations, pain and non-stop testing, I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis. A potentially deadly illness that was attacking my brain and spine. The injury to my brain threw my mind into chaos. I misremembered things, memories and events played out in a jumbled, non-linear order. I heard and saw things that weren’t there. By the time the hallucinations stopped, I was thoroughly terrified. During that time, I had also lost the ability to walk.

Facing a long and slow rehabilitation, I was discharged from the hospital and forced to temporarily move back into the house that I grew up in. For months, my mother and my partner Lissa fed me, bathed me, helped me dress and took me to the seemingly endless number of follow-up doctor’s appointments.

During this time, I spent a lot of time just hanging out, reminiscing with friends, family and neighbors who would come and visit. I also spent a significant amount of time digging around in my Mom’s basement, unearthing a ton of old records, books, beat tapes and magazines from my youth.