Beat Tape Compilation

Filthy Fingers United – Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] [2020]

Filthy Fingers United – Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape]
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01. NorthernDraw – stxle this sxmpl from Stanley Ipkuss’ sp404
02. Diogenes – Deja View
03. Mr.Shn – dmt song
04. Island Dreams / Storm Approaches
05. Lazy Marf – Clap Your Feet
06. Castro – trippin in vegas
07. Progeny – Depression Breeds a HappyMess
08. IFTHEN – So High
09. Hekl, The Mad Scientist – Abyss
10. JDFlow – Peace Of Mind
11. the Late Circuit – Downtime (edit)
12. Tom Phonic – Good Stuff (Ft. Jessica Lee)
13. thad wenatchee – making a to-do list
14. Nenjah Nycist – Lofi Lebron
15. NorthernDraw – Fuse (Ft. Deaed Language)

Filthy Fingers United – Vol​.​1

Also Available On: 12″ vinyl

After years of releasing free beat tapes, we are finally releasing the first physical offering from Filthy Fingers United. Completely self funded by the artists represented on Vol.1, we are launching the first of the vinyl volumes. Vol.1 is extremely limited in quantity. Act fast!