Wun Two – Casino [E.P.] [2019]

Wun Two – Casino [E.P.]
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01. Midnight Gambler
02. Nevada
03. The Strip
04. Bellagio

Wun Two – Casino

Also Available On: [7″ Vinyl] Casino EP

Wun Two does us the honor of providing the next album in the 777 series with his Casino EP. The sound aesthetic of the project has a very vintage 70’s Americana feeling. Wun Two takes us on a time travel on the legendary Strip in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. You can easily imagine the old school neon lights quickly moving while you are driving by. And if you close your eyes you can even hear the buzz of the city like you were there. As always Wun Two delivers and keeps surprising. His music is always fresh and heartwarming this is why we are super thrilled to be able to bring this album out.

This is the second EP we are dropping in the 777 series that is inspired by and themed around the world of luck and gambling. The concept is simple and made to please the fans. A series of little collector 7 inches 45rpm vinyls that are of the highest quality while keeping a low price. 7 inch vinyl, 7 minutes of music, 7 euros is what the 777 stands for.