Jumbled – August Heat [Album] [2019]

Jumbled – August Heat [Album]
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01. Not what I asked for (intro)
02. Torito – Bubble play
03. 83 Cutlass – Praise Irma Thomas
04. Its hot too
05. Berko Lover – Tobasco
06. Moemaw Naedon – Who Up?
07. Heavy rains
08. Luke Sick – Party On
09. Dot Com Intelligence – Greatness
10. Summertime lovin’
11. Ialive – Cosmic Egg
12. Alaska – Quiet Assassin
13. It’s hot in Topeka
14. Bully Preston – Challenge Accepted
15. Blumajk – Sixteens
16. REASUN – Smiling Face
17. Wickenberg

Jumbled – August Heat

heat (noun) –
1. hot beats / raps
2. oppressively hot or humid weather
3. pressure

“Triple entendre, don’t even ask me how”- Jay Z.

In early June, Jumbled compiled a list of his heat: heavy boom-bap beats that meshed together to create an album. Although it was originally conceived as an album with a single emcee; many artists reached out with an interest in contributing, thus…August Heat was born.

During this brutally hot August in Baltimore, punctuated by intense and sporadic storms, Jumbled has spent most of his time moving boxes into his new home. This hasn’t dampened his desire to remain musically productive.

Jumbled turned up the heat on the album’s contributors as well, giving them only two months to write and record their songs.

This project has reunited Jumbled with old friends and collaborators:

Berko Lover (check out Berko’s nod to the good heat in Tobasco)
Bully Preston (Dwell)
Dot Com Intelligence

As well as showcasing contributions from first time collaborators:

83 Cutlass
Alaska (Hangar 18/Words Hurt)
Luke Sick (Grand Invincible/Gurp City)
Moemaw Naedon

August Heat also introduces the debut of Baltimore emcee, Blumajk.