Instrumental Album

SGJAZZ – SGJAZZ [Instrumental Album] [2019]

SGJAZZ – SGJAZZ [Instrumental Album]
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01. Make Me Feel feat. J.Lamotta
02. Monday
03. Hide n’ Seek
04. The Forest Fire
05. Like Glue
06. Summerlude1
07. On My Mind feat. K.Raydio
08. Wishing Well
09. Summerlude2
10. Last Sunset


Also Available On: 12inch Vinyl LP

This album was recorded in Dr. Dundiff’s studio room in Louisville, Ky in June/July of 2018. Produced by Dr. Dundiff, the whole album was recorded analog to digital. Mixed through a Tascam M-30 and dumped into Logic X for further processing/mixing & arranging. Vocals for “Make Me Feel” were recorded by J.Lamotta at her home studio. Vocals for “On My Mind” were recorded by K.Raydio at her home studio. All vocals were mixed by Frames Danco & Dr. Dundiff at Framehouse Records.