Funky DL – O Espírito Do Brasil [Instrumentals] [2019]

Funky DL – O Espírito Do Brasil [Instrumentals]
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01. About The Things (Latin Remix Instrumental)
02. Kamakura Carnival
03. Only The Initials CM… (Instrumental)
04. Trinity (Instrumental)
05. Billie Holiday (Latin Remix Instrumental)
06. Caim (Instrumental)
07. Return of the Funk Phenomenon (Latin Remix Instrumental)
08. Ágora Mesmo (Instrumental)
09. The Score Was Love 15 (Instrumental)
10. I Used To… (Instrumental)
11. Act Zombie
12. Love 15 To Advantage (Instrumental)
13. Pass a Nova (Instrumental)
14. Rhapsodic
15. Rapstar
16. Special (Instrumental)
17. No Comprendo (Instrumental)

Funky DL – O Espírito Do Brasil

After numerous requests from fans for a Funky DL album solely based around Brazilian and Bossa Nova styled grooves, Funky DL puts together this compilation aptly entitled, “O Espírito Do Brasil”.

Translating simply to ‘the spirit of Brazil’, this instrumental album amalgamates various latin influenced tracks across Funky DL’s monstrous catalogue and neatly puts them together all in one place to make this sweet 17-track Brazilian themed instrumental Hip-Hop soundtrack.

Perfect for long car journeys, a study guide and simply just a weekend chill session, this album showcases DL’s range to flip sounds and create beats that endlessly captivate the ear. The album also includes one brand new previously unreleased track entitled “Rapstar, which slips into the fold seamlessly.

“O Espírito Do Brasil”… vamos lá!