Instrumental Album

NorthernDraw – One For One [Instrumental Album] [2019]

NorthernDraw – One For One [Instrumental Album]
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01. Tollah (Intro)
02. Appl3jax (Feat. Omari Jazz)
03. Blanc! (Feat. Studenets & Jenny Jahlee)
04. Unknown (Feat. Magic DJ)
05. Fade (Feat. Matryoshka & Lana Shea)
06. Roy Boos (Feat. Montgomery Word)
07. FxNxO (Feat. Free Will & Omari Jazz)
08. Jassss (Feat. Maskera)
09. Beeeetz (Feat. Bry.Zen)
10. Intrld
11. The Movement (Feat. Jay3m)
12. Nice~Nate – Los_Angeles (N.Draw Remix)
13. Jassss (Nice~Nate Remix)

NorthernDraw – One For One

Also Available On: One For One Cassette

One For One is a split tape project between NorthernDraw and Nice~Nate, featuring a talented list of west-coast/world-wide artists and musicians. This download includes extra bonus remixes and the cassette only track “FxNxO.”
Check out both projects smashed together on Thirsty City’s page:
Or Nice~Nate’s side on his bandcamp:
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