Beat Tape

Nickelman – Elements [Beat Tape] [2019]

Nickelman – Elements [Beat Tape]
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01. Moment
02. Ibiza
03. Beautiful
04. Sweets Blunts
05. Party Hard
06. I WI$H
07. Waahhh
08. Coffee Break
09. 4725
10. Deep Floor
11. Mind Game
12. Mood
13. Passion
14. Fifth
15. Goodnight
16. Honey
17. Landscape

Nickelman – Elements

Also Available On: 12″ LP + Cassette + Digital Copy

Yuki Kitano is Nickelman. Originally from Osaka, Japan, he still calls the vibrant city of Osaka home. Yuki started making music as Nickelman over 15 years ago, but has dedicated the last 11 years to seriously fine tuning his sound. Along with hip hop beat maker FROGMAN, the two worked under the moniker of Freemanz Production, putting out synth space lo-fi projects, though their independent label Deepconstruction Records.

Nickelman is set to release his upcoming solo feature LP titled “Elements* via URBNET, on June 7, 2019*. *Elements* carries through a smoky lo-fi hip hop sound, intertwined with samples of jazz, soul, and rare groove beats. In speaking to the creation process, Yuki says

“I used an MPC2000XL, SP-303, and Tape Echo to make the tracks.Those lo-fi sounds are recorded by cassette tapes and compressed. The record is both danceable beats and a relaxing chill sound. It’s trip music you can dance to be and be stoned.”