Beat Tape

allthesefingers – complete gărbăge [Beat Tape] [2019]

allthesefingers – complete gărbăge [Beat Tape]
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01. i look at my cats and just want to cry
02. cracks in the ice tray brrr
03. lo fy chill 4 study relaxx n kranking off
04. don’t forget your house key
05. every episode of frasier in one sitting
06. flight simulator ( 4 w n d w s 9 8 )
07. girlfriend watering the plants
08. front salad back salad front blunt
09. head in the bon ton
10. fuk u and your bone spurs
11. rainbow gardens late nite delivery service
12. what r u gonna get at the food court?
13. pork roll & brwn rice
14. misc yard work
15. shopping in the husky section
16. in silence (alone)
17. cash em in
18. 50 year old woman at the vape counter
19. rollin out headed to flavortown
20. hold me down famm kfc reunion style
21. roc marciano wuld sound hard on this

allthesefingers – complete gărbăge