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DJ Ragz & Unown – Burgers & Sliders [Instrumental Album] [2019]

DJ Ragz & Unown – Burgers & Sliders [Instrumental Album]
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01. Plump At All Times
02. Real Beef
03. Animal Style
04. Burgers and Beef
05. Royal With Cheese
06. Whip Up Some Pattys
07. That A$$ Drop
08. Bounce Bun
09. Small Patty, Big Taste
10. Fresh Out The Box
11. Korean Chili Burgers
12. Low Slider

DJ Ragz & Unown – Burgers & Sliders

Also Available On: Cassette or CD & Cassette

DJ Ragz and Unown are back with their sophomore instrumental food-themed project, “Burgers & Sliders”. The new album is a West Coast g-funk instrumental journey through the Cali burger culture. The concept project finds the duo back in their respective kitchens, with Unown handling the beat duties on the MPC and DJ Ragz cutting up on the turntables.