Beat Tape Instrumental Album

Es-K – Continuance [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Es-K – Continuance [Instrumental Album]
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01. Worldwide (feat. Mecca:83)
02. Mentally Stated (feat. Danny Whitney)
03. Eto (feat. RudeManners)
04. Open Spaces (feat. Defizit)
05. Inna Slump (feat. Max I Million)
06. Nitelights (feat. jCrizzy)
07. Fullmeltt (feat. Flip Physics)
08. PassDat (feat. ØDYSSEE)
09. Spare Me
10. Slow Roller (feat. Dope Dee)
11. Ambi-Ance
12. GRITpt30 (feat. David Chief)
13. InnerMission (feat. Loupo)
14. In The Stars (feat. Loupo)
15. Last Call (feat. Defizit)

Es-K – Continuance

It had been awhile since I released some collaborations so I ended up deciding it was time to put together an album that was full of them. This is a continuation of past relationships I have built and a example of new ones that are forming. I had a lot of fun diving back into this process and you can expect to see more collaborations in the future.

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