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Aywee Tha Seed & Alcynoos – Departures [E.P.] [2019]

Aywee Tha Seed & Alcynoos – Departures [E.P.]
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01. Departures
02. Window Seat (feat. Wild Mofo)
03. One Way
04. Sky High
05. Migration (feat. Wild Mofo)

Aywee Tha Seed & Alcynoos – Departures

Picture yourself in an airport with your headphones on, holding your boarding ticket to anywhere.
In order to accompany you on this journey to endless possibilities, your pilots, long time homies Alcynoos et Highwee tailored the ideal soundtrack : Departures’.
Have a seat, relax and let you mind wander through the syncopated, muffled drums and brace yourself for a cloudy trip,
they ‘ll handle any turbulences that comes on the way.
While in the air, we’ll be offering the perfect combination between chill, boombap, and dusty hip hop. Far away from a shitty meal tray, we are talking here about high quality ear food.
Life is about Departures, just get on the plane.