Beat Tape

DJ4AM – The Shoegaze & Shadow Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2019]

DJ4AM – The Shoegaze & Shadow Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Nights: Counting The Hour$
02. Rock… $teady… Endlessly
03. ALLeyeDO
04. Interlude (ambient)
05. $heep In Heavenly Peace
06. There’s Nuthin’ Betta
07. Ring Ring Ring (Ha No Way)
08. Super Wolf Blood Moon (ambient)
09. Endlessly (Do I Luv H.E.R.) vox/ Jason Nevermore

DJ4AM – The Shoegaze & Shadow Beat Tape

Super wolf blood moon music… Ambient noise meets Lo Fi, sentimental boom bap lowrider shoegaze… It’s either a breakup album or a celebration of life… Haven’t decided.

– DJ4AM.

I can’t be stopped, loud noise, displacement… but hey, I still love H.E.R.
My voice is my freedom, even through a lo fi rig…
I turn my technical shortcomings into indelible detail. More to come and much love and respect from DJ4AM, Jason Nevermore, JNeva, Vlad Thee Inhailor and all of my other personalities at The Vampire On A Pony Network…