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Jumbled – Padre [Beat Tape] [2019]

Jumbled – Padre [Beat Tape]
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01. L-side
02. B-side

Jumbled – Padre

Padre is a new instrumental beat tape from Baltimore beat maker Jumbled.

The concept is pretty simple – Jumbled (aka John Bachman) became a father about 17 months ago. After that, Jumbled had to move his records and equipment to the home’s guestroom, entering the ‘green room’ phase of his career – which has spanned almost 13 years.

The theme with this tape is beats made in the last 12 months or so, in the ‘green room’, mostly in the early morning hours before his daughter wakes up, or the rare occasion that his wife goes out and he doesn’t have work for school to do.

The formula is pretty simple. Catchy samples pulled from vinyl over a drums and bassline added for depth. These beats flow together, and are connected through the sound clips discussing various challenges and triumphs that come from being a father.

**some of these beats will be used on future projects