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Sqreeb – Europa Digs [Beat Tape] [2018]

Sqreeb – Europa Digs [Beat Tape]
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01. Stopover
02. Vienna – Schönbrunn
03. Vienna – Ringstraße (Scratchs Téhu)
04. Praha – Lavice
05. Praha – mošt
06. Danube
07. Budapest – Buda
08. Budapest – Pest
09. Roma – Metropolitana Di Roma (Feat. Téhu)
10. Roma – Arrivederci

Sqreeb – Europa Digs

First solo instrumental album by Sqreeb.
Each track is based on various samples found locally on records in each city, from artists of each country.
It’s a shout out to central europa jazz of Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Italy.
All the samples are chopped and replayed in various ways with the help of classic sampling gear.