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Markus Oberndorfer – REVISIT OST (Deluxe Album Bundle) [Beat Tape] [2018]

Markus Oberndorfer – REVISIT OST (Deluxe Album Bundle) [Beat Tape]
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01. Parental – Space Road
02. Parental – Gaz
03. Parental – Contemplation
04. Sirlensalot – Solitude feat. Silouette
05. Sirlensalot – Rear View Mirror
06. Sirlensalot – Perspective
07. Devaloop – Cloudcruisin
08. Devaloop – Summer Knows
09. Devaloop – Funky Ride
10. Lex de Kalhex – Flying Frames 360°
11. Lex de Kalhex – Silent Soul
12. Lex de Kalhex – Pathless
13. Kompact – Too Long
14. Kompact – Intermezzo
15. Kompact – Da Illest
16. Dday One – We Rejoice
17. Dday One – Life Lessons
18. Dday One – Still The River Runs

Markus Oberndorfer – REVISIT OST (Deluxe Album Bundle)

The REVISIT Soundtrack was initiated by Markus Oberndorfer as part of his media art project REVISITED which features 360 video, media installation, photography, collage, and an artist book. Six befriended musicians were invited to provide three tracks each and given the assignment to send contributions representing their interpretations of the 360 videos recorded of the Sunset Strip in 2016 as part of REVISITED.

REVISIT OST is part of the installations virtual experience in form of radio broadcasts and subject of digital release and three limited physical releases on split 12“ vinyl. The vinyl is available in two versions à 150 copies: 1. Rhythm-Section (sound) and Rhythm- & Sequence-Frame-Section (sound & visual concept).