MAD-HOP – Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8 [Compilation] [2014]

MAD-HOP – Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8 [Compilation]
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01. Arts The Beatdoctor – Rise Up
02. Hamertje Tik – Osgood Slatter
03. Myamo – I.C.U. (Flipped by Skrude )
04. Pixelord – Google Yourself
05. Slugabed – Very Much Reality
06. Victory Garden & John Pon(d)scum – Gigawatt
07. Kixnare – Perfect Midnight
08. GLGN – Inside Planet
09. Haotik – Chockolate Room ( Edit by Himuro Yoshiteru )
10. Burguez ft. Jizor – Soy Como Yo
11. Evil Needle – Yoshi
12. Joe Kickass – Stalker (prod. Max Macgyver)
13. Killing Skills – Slow Motion
14. Aiyetoro – Flyaway
15. Leadsmen – Blessed Pedestrian
16. Mostapace – Inside the Room
17. Lomovolokno – Once
18. Byusa – Away (Edit by Zova)
19. Htrspltn – Like A Knife
20. en2ak – Thing About Purple Moon
21. Miko – Give It Up
22. Emufucka – Dont Stop
23. Minoo – 17 Teen
24. 1000names – 100km Neighbor
25. Julien Mier – Decorate My Mind
26. Daisuke Tanabe – Heron
27. John Pon(d)scum – Brux
28. Zack Christ – Extra Wonk
29. Jimmy Pé – Limbo (feat. Tante Elze)

MAD-HOP – Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8

Kicking off this summer with another international episode of the ‘Mad-Hop’ compilation series, the 8th in line is full of new tunes and supported by 3 gigs in Poland with artist such as Kixnare, Minoo, Zova and En2ak and our spacial guest Slugabed

Expect crazy tunes on ‘Mad-Hop vol.8′ from Pixelord and Emufucka, some chill out from Daisuke Tanabe, Killing Skills, Lomovolokno, Julien Mier, Evil Needle, 1000names and a couple of fresh Mc’s: straight from Holland Joe Kickass and homies from Venezuela Burguez ft. Jizor

In this edition, we joined forces with two other labels: GERGAZ (SVK) with GLGN and JIMMY Pé label; a small community of people with a need to present their music or other related work. The label’s main focus is to release a non-commercial work of unknown artists or projects.
We’re also working with Beat Broke (USA), an Austin, TX-based record label that works with a lot of European artists, supported by Leadesmen Dutch electronic duo who create dark, pulsating soundscapes layered with bubbling synths and pounding percussion (similar team as seen on Mad-Hop vol.5 ( Mad-Love )!)

To spread the love even further, we have a special videos coming soon too! Keep your eyes and ears prised on the developing Mad-Hop scene. We hope you’ll enjoy this compilation and appreciate the work of the MadHoppers !

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