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Lester, Nowhere – Extra [Beat Tape] [2018]

Lester, Nowhere – Extra [Beat Tape]
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01. 2017
02. Homeboi
03. I tole Ya
04. Mom Says You Lazy
05. Luvsung
06. STUDY!
07. Clarity (feat. Bzkt)
08. Feels Like
09. Space Camo
10. Wormholes in My Lawn
11. Saucer
12. Real To The End
13. Mars Is Brighter Tonight
14. Extra Cheese (Bonus)

Lester, Nowhere – Extra

Radio Juicy presents “Extra” by young Italian beatmaker Lester, Nowhere. Slowly moving in an hazy atmosphere, like a dark room filled with smoke and people dancing slowly almost like a slow motion rendered by stroboscopic light spot. This album is Lester, Nowhere’s take and homage on Memphis Phonk and he delivers. The tape feels inspired, fresh and original. If you are already familiar with Lester, Nowhere then this will be a nice surprise if not this is a great introduction to the talented beatmaker.