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New Cocoon – Morphogenesis [Beat Tape] [2013]

New Cocoon – Morphogenesis [Beat Tape]
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01. Paravax (Self Target)
02. Nano Particles (Aloeight)
03. Nc Fam beater (Slew)
04. Chaos Theory (Brandon Logic)
05. Westcoast Xylo (Cease)
06. Rendezvous (Similar Objects)
07. Watercolor Sky (Variex)
08. Clan of the Sun (Chukchee)
09. Circle Vs. Spiral (Wermhoe)
11. June7 (Th’ Mole)
12. Galak V.6 (Wydow)
13. Morphogenesis (Richard Catesh)
14. Spin The Head (Mix Master Mcdiffit)
15. Wounded With A Smile (Wermhoe)
16. Lighthouse111 (Is Real)
17. Advancement (Self Target)
18.Around The World And Back (Trust One)
19.Film (Quantum Theory)
20.Indigenous Sky (Sapience)
21.Sun Chaser (Variex)
22.Into Darkness (Smear)
23.Litanauri (Chukchee)

New Cocoon – Morphogenesis

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