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Deep of 2 Hungry Bros – Theology Too [Beat Tape] [2018]

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros – Theology Too [Beat Tape]
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01. Glorious Pilgrimage
02. K2 Strut
03. A Vow of Study
04. The Monastery Pinada
05. Kiss of the Seraph
06. Smile For the Gods
07. Starbrand
08. Father Goddess
09. La Sopa
10. Baby Nephilim
11. Divine Daymare
12. Eternal Soul
13. The Children’s Crusade
14. No Language Barriers

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros – Theology Too

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette w/ Graphic Shell

Humans that opt to preach, convert, and spread news of their faith systems seem to not consider their privilege. The probability of being born in a suitable environment and time in the universe where one can strive healthily and have discretionary free time to convince others their stories are divine truth are incredibly slim. For example, eskimos born in ice inherit the belief system where death is a blessing. Let’s take that system and evangelize the planet with it. Not likely. So it is with the utmost consideration of that privilege that I bring another volume of Theology to you. Please enjoy heavy beats that attempt to explore the various emotions which ideas of the divine make people experience.