Beat Tape

Es-K – Trust The Process [Beat Tape] [2018]

Es-K – Trust The Process [Beat Tape]
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01. CalmB4
02. Five Forty
03. EvenTho
04. The Last Of It
05. Electivity
06. ReReleaseIt
07. Questions
08. Dayfull
09. Daybreak
10. Accuracy
11. Readee
12. Ambrosia Outtake
13. Deserted
14. Habanoh
15. Blossomed
16. See Eye Dee
17. Just Move On
18. Off Day
19. Dryitcureittestit
20. SayEnce
21. OneSelf
22. Show and Prove
23. Orientation
24. Bambu
25. WaterDragon
26. Don’t Even Care
27. Uten
28. Warmth (Seven)
30. Namechange

Es-K – Trust The Process

Over the past couple years I’ve been working really hard on a handful of ambitious projects that are yet to be released. Because of that, I’ve unintentionally stepped away from the spontaneous “beat tape” style releases. Due to the nature of my beat making habits, I did still end up with hours and hours of unused tracks. This collection “Trust The Process” represents some of that music – stuff that isn’t on any of my current projects, but stuff I still really liked and wanted to let people hear. There’s a bunch of different vibes on it (including some really raw or simple stuff), and I believe it has a little bit of something for all the beat heads out there.

Major shoutouts to everyone who has been supporting me throughout the years and continues to check out my music. To everyone who has found out about me recently, thank you so much for taking the time to listen! I am making this project free so anyone can rock to it if they want, if you are digging the vibe it would be a huge help if you could share / repost / blog / review / show your friends, etc. Every little bit helps and it’s always been a major challenge of mine promoting my material – You guys have always been the ones that make it happen and I am truly grateful.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to say what’s up,

– Es-K