Beat Tape

Grumpysnorlax – Surf [Beat Tape] [2018]

Grumpysnorlax – Surf [Beat Tape]
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01. Misty
02. Cerulean
03. Sleep Powder
04. Dive
05. Mirage
06. Float
07. Aurora
08. Kame House
09. Surf
10. Drizzle
11. Fuchsia

Grumpysnorlax – Surf

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

“Surf” is a synth pop, experimental boom-bap journey through many water levels and their loading screens. Great to listen to at the beach, river, lake and during a thunderstorm or light drizzle.

Grumpysnorlax is an experimental beat maker, creating ambient textures alongside boom-bap beats, mixed with an essence of chip tune and nostalgia.