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Uglypitch Records – La Chaumine [Beat Tape] [2018]

Uglypitch Records – La Chaumine [Beat Tape]
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01. Bienvenue (feat. Téhu & Kool Mat)
02. Le Silence (feat. Kool Mat & Sqreeb)
03. Days Goes (feat. The SOULution & Téhu)
04. Promenade Suspicieuse (feat. Kool Mat & Sqreeb)
05. TurnUp (feat. Téhu)
06. Fatidique (feat. Kool Mat & Sqreeb)
07. La Chouette a Du Groove (feat. Kool Mat & Sqreeb)
08. Vocalislice (feat. Kool Mat & Sqreeb)
09. Sexy Fleur (feat. Kool Mat, Pathology & Sqreeb)
10. Syndrome (feat. The Soulution)
11. Endterlude (feat. Pathology & Sqreeb)

Uglypitch Records – La Chaumine

This is an instrumental album made in 3 days in a remote location near montréal.
When canadian winters get hard thats when the beatmaking magic begins ,hand picked records , multiple synths and samplers gathered with some dope producers bringing the HEAT right back up !