Beat Tape

Brock Berrigan – The Narrows [Beat Tape] [2018]

Brock Berrigan – The Narrows [Beat Tape]
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01. Opening Remarks
02. Park Benches to Penthouses
03. Hotwire
04. Sittin’
05. King of the Rats
06. Matt’s Wedding
07. Off the Grid
08. License to Chill
09. Do It Again
10. Monument Valley
11. Cottonwood Canyon
12. Burning Man
13. This Way
14. Hazel Trilogy
15. Lake Powell
16. Continental Breakfast
17. Bon Voyage

Brock Berrigan – The Narrows

Ten months in the making, I am proud to present my new album “The Narrows. I went to Utah and hiked around canyons for a month and got inspired to create this album. Tried to put a little of every style I’ve done so far and branch out into some new territory. This record was an incredible journey to make and has destroyed many brain cells in the process, but I am beyond pleased with the final product. As I always tend to say with each album release, sit back, grab a drink, turn it up, and enjoy.