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PRGMAT – Archipelago of Memories [Beat Tape] [2018]

PRGMAT – Archipelago of Memories [Beat Tape]
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01. Archipelago of Memories
02. Leave It Behind
03. Propose to My Drummachine
04. Grey Poupon in Parade
05. Talkin’ Dat Ol Righteous Shit
06. Must Do
07. Hide n Seek
08. Mornin’ Sunshine
09. Misplaced
10. There Is No Pier on This Island
11. Soul Syndicate
12. My Dear Diary
13. In Depth View
14. Authentic Instrument for the Environment
15. Hell up in Harlem
16. Dancing with the Soulmate
17. Brand New Ballgame
18. Dashboard (BONUS TAPE ONLY)
19. Fix Your Mistakes (BONUS TAPE ONLY)

PRGMAT – Archipelago of Memories

PRGMAT invites you to his Archipelago of Memories.

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You will experience a ride through musical journey where each composition is a organic piece of a puzzle which in the end creates natural audible structure. Every single island on this archipelago has their own memory, which brings listener to the mindfulness enjoyment.

PRGMAT keeps his signature sound with obscure and mostly rare samples, raw drums, soulful melodies and the presence of low fidelity architecture.

The Latvian artist offers delicious hiphop instrumentals for whom most appropriate platform is limited edition tape cassette with two bonus tracks which you can hear only on physical cassette.

Soul, funk, jazz, disco, golden era hiphop may seem like a stylistic jump, but PRGMAT has absorbed his influences so completely and has attained such control of his sound, that he makes such eclecticism seem completely natural.