David Begun – A Sense of Blu [Remixes] [2018]

David Begun – A Sense of Blu [Remixes]
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01. Soul Resurrector
02. I Used to R.E.L.A.X.
03. Watermelon Lemonade
04. Book of Akfam feat. The Grouch
05. Check The Man
06. Nuthin’ To Due feat. Chuuwee
07. Bluism
08. WBLU
09. Thisislove w/Ta’Raach
10. Jungle Juice feat. MED
11. Clean Chapter
12. Maintain Peroxide feat. MED
13. God’s Resurrect Remix feat. Co$$ & Definite Mass

David Begun – A Sense of Blu

This newest mashup album combines the lyrical verses from California’s own Blu with mid-90’s boom-bap instrumentals from Common’s Resurrection to create A Sense of Blu. A production classic featuring works from No I.D. and Y-Not, Resurrection was a seminal hip-hop album and a classic in every sense of the word. Blu’s style has always been considered a throw back to this same lyrical period and this project imagines what it would be like if he truly were thrown back into 1994 and the golden era.