Beat Tape

Dominic Pierce – Hoop Loop$ [Beat Tape] [2017]

Dominic Pierce – Hoop Loop$ [Beat Tape]
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01. stickee (bayba)
02. razberry hey
03. swishin’
04. mornin’ free throw
05. cloud machine
06. flyzen
07. wuz blind
08. rainin’
09. badboyz
10. ur my kinda
11. neon o.k.
12. still (feat. Felivand)
13. never never no
14. sunshine
15. special edition
16. splash
17. hooploop
18. been a minute
19. areenbee
20. unseen
21. smoovedout

Dominic Pierce – Hoop Loop$

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

We’ve got a serious slurpee crush on Dominic Pierce’s latest project, Hoop Loops. Starting with the playground basketball hoop + slurpee aesthetic. A flavour that started with his first Inner Ocean tape, Come Again, that now goes in for a second round, heavy.

Childhood nostalgia is here, again, felt on every track. Clownin’ your friends on the court (Swishin’), grabbing a slurpee late at night without telling your parents (Badboyz), blasting that hard hitting mix with the windows down (Never Never No), and of course falling for that girl in summer school with the pink hair and sneaking out your window to see what’s up (Still feat. Felivand; Smooved Out).

A beat work style reminiscent of Ohbliv or Knowledge, but fully embracing that 80s/90s R&B flavour, Hoop Loops is a perfect blend of chopped beats & loops with pop sensibility. And it’s seriously satisfying.