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Jumbled – Merry Christmess [Album] [2017]

Jumbled – Merry Christmess [Album]
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01. Santa and Friends (intro)
02. Dot Com Intelligence – Hallelujah
03. Sleigh Bells
04. Reason – Just Another Holiday
05. Driving Bells
06. Darko the Super – Stealing Shit on Christmas Eve
07. Three Kings
08. Che Rock – 38 Winters
09. Nutcracker
10. JBerd – Mall Santa
11. Most Wonderful Time
12. Darko the Super – Another Very Darko Christmas
13. Here We Go
14. ALYX Ryon – Chestnuts
15. Sleigh Ride (outro)

Jumbled – Merry Christmess

I like Christmas, and Christmas songs. But I’m also tired of hearing the same ones (or covers of the same ones) over and over again. These beats were created for a collaboration that never came to fruition, so I sat on them for a year. (most are pretty simple — but all were sampled from Christmas songs) In fall of 2017, I reached out to many artists, and a few responded and sent me some great tracks.