Al Quetz – El Sol [Single] [2014]

Al Quetz – El Sol [Single]
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01. El Sol (instrumental)
02. Fruits (Dub Version)

Al Quetz – El Sol

Also Available On: Limited Edition Vinyl

In 2009 we made this crazy bet as a we were starting StillMuzik :
Produce a thousand double vinyl copies for Al Quetz, in a beautiful gatefold, with an inner sleeve, designed by his inspirational designer Gabriel Van Robertsen.
Little we knew that this would take us so far in producing great music, great artists, and great records. We are still standing strong, we still love muzik, we still believe that great muzik is everywhere, and we are still diggin’. This record is one of the foundations of our label.

In order to celebrate Vision’s 5th anniversary, we decided to come back to the roots, the jamaican way.
Here’s one instrumental, and a dub version from Vision.
This 45 is stricly what it is, raw. Black wax, white paper, and dope music.

Check out our new release from Al Quetz, a rare artist and a rare 45.

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