Son Of Sam – Cinder Hill [Album] [2017]

Son Of Sam – Cinder Hill [Album]
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01. Intro feat. John Robinson
02. Continuation feat. J-Live
03. Across The Bridge feat. Sadat X & El Da Sensei
04. Trees For The Jungle feat. The Black Opera & Sabira Jade
05. Malt Liquor feat. Guilty Simpson & Fat Ray
06. Put It On Ya feat. Soundsci & Mr Thing
07. Fighting Talk feat. Lifford & Blaise B
08. Flying Fist feat. Prince Po
09. Deep Breath feat. Jamall Bufford
10. Moose Python feat. Dumbtron
11. Coastin’ feat. John Robinson
12. Soothsayers feat. The Black Opera
13. System Animal feat. Denmark Vessey
14. The Life & Death of Phenomenal Don feat. Quelle Chris
15. Come A Long Way feat. Masta Ace & Large Pro
16. Forward March feat. Oxygen & 7even Thirty
17. That’s Facts feat. Edo G, John Robinson, Prince Po, U-George, Audessey, Oxygen, Reks, yU & Denmark Vessey

Son Of Sam – Cinder Hill

Also Available On: Limited Edition Double Vinyl or Limited Edition Compact Disc

This album has been many years in the making. Around 2005 we were gigging, playing hip hop breaks and supporting acts like KRS-One and Raekwon. We wrote a lot of our own material, but we never properly recorded it in a studio, we did however make lots of “one mic” recordings onto a mini-disk player. Tom kept hold of all of these recordings and in 2011 send copies of everything to the rest of the band. A short list of 30 were chosen to record properly. A basic studio was booked, and recording began, initially it was pretty basic, just drums, bass & keys with guitars overdubbed the following day. With these foundation rhythm tracks Tom went away and edited them, creating structure, extra layers and demo mixes. These demo mixes were used to send to MCs. It was decided to go with American MCs as the type of thing we listened to when we wrote a lot of our material was classic 90s hip hop. El Da Sensei & Sadat X were the first to respond to our request, and soon features were flying through ever other week. We actually had enough material for 2 albums, but picked what we wanted to represent our first release and continued to develop the material, including adding session musicians for harps, brass, strings and cuts. We chose 4 tracks to create videos for and got the ball rolling with various video makers. The final year was spent mixing, sequencing and deciding on artwork. The title Cinder Hill is reference to where the band spent many afternoons practicing at John & Joe’s parent’s house, their mum Maggie passed away in 2016 and the album is dedicated to her for her endless support and love for the music