Beat Tape

Free Mind – Eclectic Soul [Beat Tape] [2017]

Free Mind – Eclectic Soul [Beat Tape]
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01. You Gave Me Sunshine
02. Cold Nights
03. From the Heart
04. The Art of Soul
05. First Saw You
06. The Rose That Grew From Concrete
07. Love Letter
08. The Perfect Fit (For Alnisaa)
09. Clouds
10. Intention
11. Grind Don’t Stop
12. The 7 Laws of God
13. Love In My Heart
14. Make-Believe Thoughts
15. The Way You Love (That’s Not Love)
16. Wanna Make Love
17. Don’t Cry
18. Everything on the Line
19. Far From Home
20. Hold My Hand
21. Lesson Learned
22. Never Coming Back
23. Hold On
24. Feel Better
25. Stop Signs
26. Things Change
27. Wandering
28. You Got Me
29. Speak Your Language
30. No More Fooling Myself
31. Sarai’s Eyes
32. Mood
33. Flowers
34. I Found You
35. Forever
36. A Glimpse of Heaven
37. Went Too Far
38. Lost in the World
39. Show Strength
40. What the World Has to Give

Free Mind – Eclectic Soul

Eclectic Soul is a conglomerate of Free Mind’s overall style of beat making. It possesses a wide range of soulful samples strategically chosen to capture every aspect of soul. While staying true to the sound of classic soul music, these tracks are also reminiscent of the true essence once felt when old school music first started to evolve into the hip hop culture. The intention behind this beat tape was to convey the many vibes that capture the soul, itself–bliss, love, peace, pain, and inspiration. With all of these things interwoven into one project, Free Mind gives us, Eclectic Soul.