Beat Tape

Kyōju 教授 (Professa) – Cloudsound Vol. VI [Beat Tape] [2017]

Kyōju 教授 (Professa) – Cloudsound Vol. VI [Beat Tape]
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01. SU Flip / Solid
02. You’re The Man
03. Focus Energy
04. Soul Joint [bump]
05. Blue Rain
06. The Look…
07. Top Cats
08. It’s Been A Long Week
09. Bits And Bytes
10. Synth Experiment 1
11. 3am Jam
12. Hidden Technique: Spirit Release
13. Let’s See What Happens [bump]
14. Don’t Stop Bouncing

Kyōju 教授 (Professa) – Cloudsound Vol. VI

If you’re not familiar with how this works, I usually upload random tracks to Soundcloud that aren’t related to actual projects. Heads wanted to cop my random beats too, so I compile them here after every so many. This is volume 6.