Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead [Album] [2017]

Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead [Album]
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01. Divine Right
02. Project:Draw
03. Wall (feat. Juba)
04. Hammer (feat. DJ Static, P.SO the EarthTone King, & Jise)
05. Bring Out Your Dead (feat. DJ Static)
06. Strivin’
07. Stimulated (feat. Dirt E Dutch)
08. Komikbukdoh
09. Strong Atoms (feat. Vast Aire, Cryptic One, & L.I.F.E. Long)

Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead

Also Available On: Compact Disc or Limited Edition Cassette

In January of 2016 Deep and producer Dirt E Dutch began a conversation around- ‘what if Breez?’ Dutch discussed Breez’s recent return to making music after an extended hiatus. Through Dutch, Deep’s distinct rhythms became re-acquainted with Breez’s ubiquitous lyricism. The result- DeeP BreeZ – Bring out your Dead a collaboration between producer Big Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros and MC Breez Evahflowin’. A project of sounds and words inspired out of mutual roots, mutual respect and mutual friends. Both sonically and conceptually The EP draws from the diaspora that bred both men. Breez- born on Manhattan’s upper west side near Rock Steady park. Deep- born on the lower east side of Manhattan during the rise of the Nuyorican Poets cafe. With this release both Breez and Deep add to their legacy of purpose driven, thoughtfully crafted hip hop.

The project features appearances by L.I.F.E. Long, Juba, Vast Aire, P.SO the Earthtone King, Jise, Cryptic One & Dirt E Dutch. All cuts by DJ Static.