Beat Tape

upper class – the small room sessions [Beat Tape] [2017]

upper class – the small room sessions [Beat Tape]
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01. A01 coffee.haze
02. A02 qntn.hlnk (ft. qerl)
03. A03 wun __ dolla
04. A04 lighthouse
05. A05 cold nights in warm pubs
06. A06
07. A07 seebruecke
08. A08 tired, tired
09. A09 moody
10. A10 comin’ at ya
11. B01 morning groove _ 115
12. B02 traffic noiz (w/ lespa)
13. B03 fast food hustlin’
14. B04 small room jazz
15. B05 university, 7.30 am
16. B06 soda cans
17. B07 dreams on 35 mm
18. B08 time travellin’
19. B09 one for __ ojmacoj

upper class – the small room sessions

there it is. my first cassette tape release. i moved to a new city to start studying in october ’16 – this is a collection of beats I made throughout the past six months in my very small room, that pretty much only served me for making beats and sleeping (more or less) since I spent most of my time and money in pubs with friends. These beats represent this very turbulent, sleepless beginning of the great time i’m having right now.
The tape is free to listen on soundcloud (see link below) – however, if you feel like supporting me here, I’d be very grateful. There are two bonus tracks on the digital album on bandcamp that are on the cassette tape as well. Unfortunately, the amount of available cassette tapes is very limited at this moment – simply because I couldn’t afford any more of them. However, it feels great to have them and I hope you enjoy them as well. thanks for the great support over the last two years! peace.