Various Artists – Traditional Assortment (1st Birthday Compilation) [Compilation] [2017]

Various Artists – Traditional Assortment (1st Birthday Compilation) [Compilation]
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01. Lou.E.G. – Next Steps (Intro)
02. Tihkal – Eternal Seeds
03. Sim – ErOs
04. Train Robbers – March of the Penguins
05. K Tano – Urban Flora Trip
06. TWELVEBIT – Nine Sixty Kilo Hertz
07. Masta Noice – Phazedd
08. Sim – Scuba
09. Dead Classic – Play
10. Zodalitt – Waltz Me To The Moon And Back Again (Interlude)
11. Pine Martyn – Lazio
12. Bramston Pickle – The Heist
13. Colonel Mu$tard – Dance of the Samurai
14. Frank T – Daym
15. Dean Marroni & Sim – Sweet Soul
16. Aircraft – In the Mist
17. WeztjG – Clvss!k
18. Vigilante – Where Where You?
19. Masta Noice – Moving
20. Zodalitt – Age (Outro)
21. Sim – Sweet Soul Instrumental (Bonus)

Various Artists – Traditional Assortment (1st Birthday Compilation)

After 1 year of solid music we bring you another compilation with a mash of styles from all over the world to show we have extended our UK sound and aim to provide something new for a platform of creative artists to thrive and be apart of something wonderful. From Sweden, Italy, Russia, Norway, Texas and all over the UK including London, Bristol, Devon and Sheffield, While operating partially from Spain, We bring you 21 free tracks to say thanks for the support so far with out previous 17 official releases and plays on various radio shows across the year.

We aim to bring you a project every 4 weeks during our second year and wish to push some more experimental elements and dabble with more genres. So feel free to join us on our journey as we are all the music community and working together allows to to achieve the impossible.