Beat Tape

BTGDDSS – [Beats Rappers Passed On] [Beat Tape] [2017]

BTGDDSS – [Beats Rappers Passed On] [Beat Tape]
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01. Super Safe
02. gRAINY Day
03. GMYL [ruff draft]
04. LaLaLaaah
05. DNTWNNHRTU [ruff draft]
06. If I Tell You
07. Prancing Rhinestones
08. WYL Two
09. Bongo Rock
10. PurpleSpaceSuit *2013*
11. LookAtGod *2012*
12. Happy B-Day James Brown

BTGDDSS – [Beats Rappers Passed On]

You know those beats you email rappers and you forget about because the rapper never uses them or sits on them too long?
Well these are some of those beats of mine.
moody sample based

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