Beat Tape

JAKSPIN – Beats From The Attic (Beat Tape) [Beat Tape] [2017]

JAKSPIN – Beats From The Attic (Beat Tape) [Beat Tape]
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01. Bassic Instict
02. Height Rider
03. Sooperman
04. Ambush On Rhodes
05. Player In Heaven
06. Phasemaker
07. Hazard In The Desert
08. Insomnia
09. Sewer Rat
10. Walking On The Moon
11. Return To The Attic

JAKSPIN – Beats From The Attic (Beat Tape)

If you live in an attic you have a very special relation ship with the skies and the clouds. You’re high above everything and it feels really good. So, when sooper prodoocer JAKSPIN hits the power switch of his studio in the attic things might get wild. JAKSPIN loves old vintage equipment, like synthesizers, analog effects and spring reverbs. And he loves grooves and the holy funk and the nasty boogie. So when he gets in touch with the sky anything can happen. For example synth infused lofi hip hop beats with a swingful twist and a handful of beautiful noise. Saturated with syrup and grease and polished with dirty cloth he serves you the tastiest of all funk, the nastiest of all hip hop beats. JAKSPIN proudly presents “Beats From The Attic”.