Beat Tape

Small Professor – Prince Jawns [Beat Tape] [2017]

Small Professor – Prince Jawns [Beat Tape]
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01. i know you’ve been searchin for someone
02. without you
03. dan’s
04. i never had my nose done, that’s the other guy
05. b_tch i sell beats
06. international purple anthem
07. just think…what if you could just
08. holding hands with bae on a sunny ass day
09. emerald in my eyes
10. creepy piano sammich
11. i can’t leave you alone
12. underwater ice cream pie
13. gender fluid til the end, tell a friend b_tch
14. below the heavens was a popular album and it still is
15. shimmer, shimmer ya’ll
16. views from the six-eyed sand spider
17. time wraith, fool
18. one for korryn gaines
19. chipmunk soul power
20. you so crazy
21. so what if i know what your girl tastes like
22. 22 two’s
23. cry, jordan
24. the other other harlem shake
25. purple rainforest
26. one time oakley had 26 & 35 in 41 minutes
27. dark matter
28. rap the lyrics from swing by camp lo to this
29. april snow angels
30. go home, roger
31. grand closing (thank you)

Small Professor – Prince Jawns

…hi. firstly, i’d like to shoutout a few individuals here: 1. prince, obviously. what a guy 2. black milk for dropping the legendary “music from the color purple” jawn years ago 3. chris p, who dropped a p tape last year ( that i tried not to listen to for months so i didn’t subconsciously bite, but there’s some heat on there! (listen to mine first tho) 4. madlib for mentioning HIS p tape in his RBA interview that more than likely inspired this one 5. j-zone for being ill on the drums, i used some of the joints from “Lunch Breaks” ( #onhere; thanks, baby pa

this was supposed to drop last year after “Queen Jawns” ( and before “Chicago Jawns” (, but as it stands, it’s a good third release in my bandcamp-released only-sampled-one-group-or-artist project trilogy. i stressed over this one a ton, wanted to make sure i liked it first and foremost & also that my influences didn’t shine through harder than my own voice (i recently named an unrelated beat “too much brown sugar in my diet” for this very reason, d’angelo the gawd)

i also did three collages for this jawn (the third of which ended up being the main cover you see here) and have included hi-res scans of all of ’em for your viewing pleasure.

don’t rap on these, please.

long live the purple one.