Beat Tape

Wermonster – The Stolen Tape [Beat Tape] [2017]

Wermonster – The Stolen Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro (Make Them Believe)
02. Sickest (Monster Check)
03. Ennio (Horns March)
04. Elle (Almonds in the Sky)
05. Give (The Backup Plan)
06. Evereemyc (The Funk Sign)
07. No more Trains (Roll One)
08. Walk Alone (Night Traveller)
09. Nomads (Midnight Lamp Blunt)
10. Get Stoned (with Curtis)
11. Afterlife (Street talks)
12. Flutes (one hope)
13. Astronauts (So Blues)
14. Many Vibes (The Last)

Wermonster – The Stolen Tape

The Stolen Tape is an instrumental hip hop journey that finds its coherence through Wermonster´s very own sound: psychedelic, organic and innovative whilst staying true to classic sample based boom bap.