Beat Tape

LuvJonez – High Top Fade [Beat Tape] [2016]

LuvJonez – High Top Fade [Beat Tape]
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01. Grand Entrance
02. Care Free
03. Last Words
04. Summer Again
05. No Matter
06. Highest Yet
07. Lost Thots
08. Sixteen Floors
09. Morning Dues
10. Main Squeeze
11. Salad Days
13. Tin Foil Hats
14. No Doze
15. Treehouse
16. Spaced Cadets
17. Early Riser
18. Bells Get Rung
19. Ruff Night
20. Stay Sharp
21. Hudson Blue
22. Bike Rack City
23. Third Shift Goon Squad
24. Way Out Front
25. Life Lessons
26. Deal With This
27. High Fives
28. Life Long Q.W.E.S.T.
29. Grand Closing

LuvJonez – High Top Fade

This album and its title is dedicated to the throwback style used to produce all of my work. The production techniques have come full circle for a new generation of music fans that appreciate classic vibes, crisp details and a head nod toward the future.