Beat Tape

Kolaps – Lost BAP Files [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kolaps – Lost BAP Files [Beat Tape]
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01. Cold Outside
02. Basics
03. Knock His Fronts Out
04. Refuse To Lose
05. Gutter Muzik
06. Recognize
07. CREAM Part 2
08. Grown Folks Music
09. Weeping Willow
10. West Coastin
11. Come And Get Me
12. Kill Your Favorite Rapper
13. Everywhere I Go
14. Wake Up
15. Wicked
16. Late Morning
17. Positive Vibrations

Kolaps – Lost BAP Files

Okay. So, this is the part 2 of my leftover beats, and beats that I lost during these last two years. This tape is kinda more in that Boom Bap Feel, not too much soul joints like on the previous tape. Most of this beats are made in the early 2015, late 2016. There is a few joints that are similar to earlier DJ Premier productions, cause I had that period every now and then, when I be making the DJ Premier beats, The Alchemist beats, the Just Blaze beats, haha. Just improving my craft as a beatmaker, testing the sounds, style of beats, trying to find my own style,etc. Hope u enjoy it!