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Kawfee – Heartburn [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kawfee – Heartburn [Beat Tape]
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01. heartburn
02. don’t wanna see you cry
03. my everything
04. smoke break
05. love making
06. see ya
07. you don’t know
08. revenge
09. when i’m with her
10. sunday morning
11. sorry
12. i wish we could talk
13. october rain
14. on & on
15. leavin’

Kawfee – Heartburn

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

We are proud to present this latest release, “Heartburn”, by fellow Canadian beat maker, Gabriel Rivard (aka. Kawfee). Rivard is quickly making a name for himself with his strikingly honest and fresh beats. This brother has a sound that he FEELS and knows where he wants to take you. Sit back and ride with it.