Beat Tape

O-D – Lost Time Found Space [Beat Tape] [2016]

O-D – Lost Time Found Space [Beat Tape]
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01. Lost Time (Intro)
02. Winter Beach Side
03. Loft Lounge Soul
04. Voice Lessons
05. A Vibe Called…
06. Dream (Inner-Lude)
07. L(one)ly Girl
08. Ahmad’s Keys
09. #Revolution
10. Temples of the Mind
11. 3:10 AM
12. Late Night Checklist (ft. Paul Yutaka, MaLLy, & K.Raydio)

O-D – Lost Time Found Space

Also Available On: Limited Edition Compact Disc or Limited Edition Cassette

Lost Time Found Space is a new album released by Minneapolis-based hip-hop producer O-D. Born in the U.S. with family roots in the Seychelles islands (Africa/Indian Ocean) and the UK, O-D’s diverse background informs his sound and set of influences, which continue to evolve on this new project. Building off the funk, soul, and jazz sound of “One Drop”, his collaboration with soul singer K.Raydio, O-D explores more trap, house, and future beats on Lost Time Found Space, taking his sound into newly explored sonic territory.