Beat Tape

Shon J. – Up All Night [Beat Tape] [2016]

Shon J. – Up All Night [Beat Tape]
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01.8:00 PM (I Will Cut You)
02.9:00 PM (Saucy)
03.10:00 PM (NBTM)
04.11:00 PM (Little Men)
05.12:00 AM (Walk Through)
06.1:00 AM (Sun Dress)
07.2:00 AM (Easy)
08.3:00 AM (Up All Night)
09.4:00 AM (All This)
10.5:00 AM (Insomnia)
11.6:00 AM (Move Slow)
12.7:00 AM (My Sunshine)

Shon J. – Up All Night

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Feels like I’m most creative late at night. I make some of my best music like at 3:28 am. These are some of the joints I made during these hours over the last Months.
-Shon J.