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Maple Syrup – Vacation [Beat Tape] [2016]

Maple Syrup – Vacation [Beat Tape]
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01. Jakarta
02. Malaga
03. San Jose
04. Rio
05. Denpasar
06. In Between
07. Homesick
08. Havana
09. Tokyo
10. St. Petersburg
11. Baikal
12. Moscow
13. Paris
14. Vienna
15. Nuremberg
16. Last Night

Maple Syrup – Vacation

Also Available On: Vacation on Limited Cassette

Introducing the Vacation LP. An album of 16 relaxed lo-fi instrumentals, each of which serves as a part of a little trip with Maple Syrup. Go for a walk down the streets of Malaga. Get a cup of coffee in a Paris cafe. Lay on a beach in San Jose. Get some rest on a plane before keeping the journey going in rainy St. Petersburg, and then find yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the misty Baikal shore. Just sit back and enjoy the ride on this ‘vacation’.

Thanks to everybody who supported and were involved in the process of making this album. Special thanks to Gadget and Bones The Beat Head, you guys made this LP possible!

Much love to all the homies who have listened to my previous tracks and encouraged me to make more, and props to the whole MJM family.

– Maple Syrup