Beat Tape

Deep – Family Recipe [Beat Tape] [2016]

Deep – Family Recipe [Beat Tape]
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01. El Pilon
02. Culantro
03. En La Lucha
04. Poema Sonoro Sin Palabras
05. La Marqueta Cosmica
06. Mojito
07. Sofrito
08. Recao
09. Punto Agradable
10. Lunch at the Wyndham
11. Quake in Acapulco
12. Amen Rock
13. Cumino
14. Cilantro
15. Bandeja
16. Dia de los Muertos
17. El Jodon
18. Asopao
19. El Tratamiento
20. Achote
21. Arcade Chicken
22. Pelo Indio
23. Sancocho
24. Calderon
25. Pampara

Deep – Family Recipe

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Family Recipe is the 3rd solo release by 2 Hungry Bros producer, Deep. Deep, the cook in his castle, proclaims his Family Recipe combines the fresh ingredients that fueled his Hip Hop career over the years into a vibrant serving of bold and spicy flavors. Our sense of taste can carry us to various moments in our lives and this dish endeavors to transcend sound, time, and space.
Powerful drums, thought provoking samples, clever layering, and chops continue to amuse your musical pallates in this 25 track buffet.