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DJ HARRISON – Vault Series 7: Doxxx [Beat Tape] [2016]

DJ HARRISON – Vault Series 7: Doxxx [Beat Tape]
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01. RidingDirty
02. RushOurs
03. JazzBreak1
04. AllGood
05. HeadAke
06. PatchBaze
07. SassoonBrush
08. AsphaltCourt
09. JazzBreak2
10. StickyFeet

DJ HARRISON – Vault Series 7: Doxxx

PART 7: the VAULT SERIES!!! The VAULT SERIES is a schedule I’ve selected to release my hundreds of songs ranging from the ages of 19 – 24 (for now). Studios change, sounds change, but the soul is the same.
Back in 2011, I was approached to do a documentary on Harry Pace, the great-grandfather of a friend of mine (Shout out Eric Pace!!) Harry Pace is responsible for finding the Pace Phonographic Corporation, which issued records under the Black Swan Label. Black Swan was one of the first record labels owned by an African-American, creating a strong foundation for popular Black Music that still holds today. The where-abouts of the documentary are unknown, but here is the soundtrack. Song titles were added a week ago.

Album: Doxxx (Harry Pace Documentary)
Completion Date: ??/2011