Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey – Whole Food [Album] [2016]

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey – Whole Food [Album]
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01. Intro
02. The Meek
03. Whole Food
04. Ode To XX Chromosome
05. Saturday
06. Black Love (feat. 7evenThirty & Iman Omari)
07. Gun Emoji (Bang)
08. Biscuits & Gravy
09. Racka Lamb
10. Broken Petal
11. Surreal N*gga
12. Let’s Go (Move)

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey – Whole Food

“Musical roughage to get through sh*t, to help you get through sh*t” – Denmark Vessey

If the words Whole Food remind you of yoga pants and hemp bracelets in a parking lot overrun by yuppies, don’t worry–you’ve come to the
right place. This full-length collaboration between Gensu Dean and
Denmark Vessey comes packed with all the vitamins and nutrients you could possibly need without any of the frivolous packaging. The pair’s
debut as a duo on Mello Music Group imagines mugshot spreads in
Newsweek and blood dripping down starched white aprons, and there are no $6 cappuccinos in sight.

Over the past year, Vessey had developed into one of the most
buzzed-about rappers in the underground circuit. The Detroit native
dropped one of 2015’s most critically acclaimed records with Martin
Lucid Dream, a heady, pointed treatise on the state of America’s
shared psychosis. On Whole Food, he expands his purview to encompass the whole human body, from the biscuits and gravy weighing down your stomach to bullet wounds in your abdomen. And he does it all with
empathy, wit, and supreme technical skill.